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there is a lot of junk if the house. it doesn't stink they say so they hoping it is not sewage and they are trying to clean it up and they have been on the phone with the water department and the insurance company and the water department has brought out water bags to try and help if the water is still the problem. the city attorney is sending a claims representative out here to take claims from the people, the city says it will be taking care of all of the people impacted by the mess. the water department is now trying to figure out how to get all of this cleaned up and how to get it all repaired. reporting live in san francisco for abc7 news. >> glad to hear it is not raw sewage. that is better news this morning. >> time for a check on the forecast. >> we will start with live doppler 7 hd, everyone. here is a look at the dry sky sitting over the top of us for the morning commute and for the afternoon and evening commute, too. no rain this forecast cycle
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today. the coolest weather is petaluma at 42, fairfield at 31 and 34 in pleasanton and 35 in santa clara and union city and saratoga at 39, and you can see the mid-40's around the financial district and san leandro. in the afternoon we have more cloud cover than yesterday, just a few degrees off the high and low-to-upper 60's around the bay and mid-to-upper 60's inland and mid-50's to 60, breezy along the coast. >> back to the golden gate bridge a live look at the pretty morning although it is still dark we have the bridge crews configuring your southbound lane, you will have four southbound and two northbound with road work at the north end of the span. elsewhere, it is just road work in the lanes for the next little while with san francisco having a water main break that you will want to avoid in west portal area.
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kristen and eric? >> develop news, investigators will comb several crime scenes this morning as santa cruz police mourn two officers killed in a shoot intermediate with a gunman. it is the first time ever the department has lost an officer in the line of doubt. cornell bernard is live in santa cruz. cornell? >> it is a very sad day in santa cruz. the city mourns the death of two believes killed in the line of duty when they came to a home on north entrance -- entrance -- branciforte. they are looking for evidence in the tragedy at the crime scene. a growing memorial of flowers, prayers, cards, very touching. it has begun here at the police headquarters for detective sergeant baker and his colleague, detective elizabeth butler. it began on tuesday when officers responded to the home on north branciforte.
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the officers were killed. an hour later, the suspect was spotted and chased by police. he was shot and killed during the pursuit. this community deals with the loss, the police chief is coming to grips with the unspeakable tragedy. >> there are not words to describe how i feel personally about there and how my department is reacting to this horrific tragedy. >> in santa cruz you are one degree of separation from knowing someone who is in the spotlight or who has been a victim of tragedy. >> there are several schools in the area that were put on lockdown for quite a while yesterday after the shooting, terrified parents waited for word their kids. in the end, everyone was shaken but they were okay. >> the evidence technicians continue to comb for any
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evidence in the case following the death of the two police officers. the police chaplains will be on duty today, counseling all of the officers at santa cruz police headquarters. a news conference is scheduled for 11:30 this morning and hopefully we will learn more information then. we are live in santa cruz this morning for abc7 news. >> we are learning more of the officers killed and the gunman's troubled past. both the officers were veterans of the santa cruz police department and leave behind families. sergeant butch baker was with the department 28 years and detective butler for 10 years. for the first time in the santa cruz history the flags were lowered to half staff in honor of officers baker and butler. >> she leaves behind her partner, peter, and her two young boys. will bump was a 28-year veteran of the santa cruz police department and a long-time
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friend of mine and a mentor. he leaves behind a wife, two daughters. and a son who actually works for my department as a community service officer. >> santa cruz police are getting a lot of support with condolences from other departments coming in and the santa cruz sheriff department is filling in for other officers. >> we talked with the killer's family and he says his son, 35-year-old jeremy goulet was a former marine who threw blackhawk hill coppers. he was a record for peeping tom and in one case he had a gun and it went off during a struggle. he went to jail and then went back to jail after peeping in more windows. he was working at a coffee shop. he broke into a co-workers home recently and made sexual
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advances. we have continuing coverage of the santa cruz police shootings, for updates on any developments, both during this news conference and on >> at the vatican, unchartered waters are navigated by the catholic church, a massive crowd gathered in st. peter's square for pope benedict's final public audience this morning before the resignation becomes official tomorrow. we are covering it all from rome for you. >> good morning. it was absolutely a historic day in rome. 600 years since the last pope decided to say goodbye and that is what pope benedict did telling 100,000 people that the church had joy and light but he also admitted it has had difficult times. >> the final audience and farewell to the faithful, pope
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benedict xvi last public speech. never he has had such a big crowd. >> the church has had joy and light, he says. it also has had difficult moments. the crowd arrived from all over the world. three students from santa barbara were there. >> such a monumental time. no pope has resigned the way he has done. it is something we have to see. >> tomorrow, pope benedict will retire to rare and meditation, and this will be captured live by 26 vatican cameras. the spectators are full of devotion but pope poe leaves behind a catholic church concerned by corruption and scandal and cronyism. the final meetings were with the cardinal would wrote about gay priests and blackmail. and los angeles cardinal is here although he resigned accused of concealing crimes of pedophile
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priests. >> i don't thing it is a indicate where he said there are all these scandal i have to resign but the weight of the job on someone who is relatively frail and very old took its toll. it was time to go. >> pope benedict will live in this convent and gave up the red shoes but continue to wear white. >> he, really, wants to return to his old role as a scholar, read books and write books. >> he is known at the school collar pope and this morning the devoted are giving thanks. (inaudible). >> tomorrow, in the morning, pope benedict leaves the vatican, saying good by to the cardinals and leave in a helicopter for the retreat outside of rome. it will be the final and perhaps most memorable act of st. peter's 256 successor.
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back to you, kristen and eric. >> stay with abc7 and abc news for continuing coverage of the farewell to pope benedict. we will update you on any developments during our newscast and on twitter at abc7 news bay area. >> there is breaking news from switzerland where several people are dead following a workplace shooting. >> witnesses say the shooter opened fire in the canteen of a wood process, company southwest of zurich. authorities say it is not clear would the shooter was but three people are dead including the shooter. >> seven others have been wounded and so far, no word on a motive or whether the shooter was an employee had. >> we are following that but here we are following the weather. you say you noticed more clouds this morning, right, warmer for you? >> it was milder out there this morning. mining? >> it depends on where you are, milder around the bay and cooler inland valleys. here is a look at what is going on from mount tamalpais back
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toward san francisco and it is clear sky this morning and a reason why the valleys are cooling more than they did yesterday. we start sunny, 38 inland, mid-40's around the bay and coast and we jump to the upper 50's to near 60 by noon with increasing high clouds and mid-50's at the coast and low-to-mid 60's around the bay and inland by 4:00. the three remain whattest days are in the three day forecast, with 70's, and an increase if clouds tomorrow, and again, on saturday but this is as warm as it will get. sue? >> beautiful days ahead. we go now to san mateo and the bridge from hayward to the flat section to foster city you looking at 14-point drive, just a few brake lights but otherwise it is moving at the limit and we have a new accident to report, east of livermore, and the altamont pass road is an alternate route to 580 a truck
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is off the embankment and you can see 580 itself in the westbound direction is moving nicely. kristen and eric? >> if you have an itunes account you have credit coming your way courtesy of apple. how much? and why? that is next.
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>> daly city, dublin, los gatos, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 5:15 on wednesday morning. cupertino's apple will pay $100 million to settle a lawsuit accusing it of failing to put up enough safeguards to prevent children from buying items while playing free games. under the settlement, 23 million itune account holders get $5 credit. the parents say they did not know of the purchases while playing downloaded games targeting kids as young as four, and apple had more stringent controls after the suit was filed. cash refunds are offered to parents who can prove they are greater than $30. >> a university of california board of regents panel has taken a first step to finding a successor to the president who has been president since 2008. he recently announced plans to step down in august to teach law at u.k. -- uc berkeley. the next step is choosing a
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panel to come up with potential candidates. governor brown did not take part in the cold but he is expected to is a weigh in on any candidates. >> a pair of falcons are ready to be parents again laying three eggs already and a four is expected. the mom and dad are taking turns on the nest. they gave birth to four falcons and there is an annual contest to name the birds. >> fernando, and esteban i guess is his brother. >> it is painful to talk about that. >> how is the weather? mike? how is it looking? >> more clouds today but right now clear. hopefully some clouds will bring us rain on saturday, but mostly the storm is going to bypass it
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to the north. unfortunately, it hooks like it will be dry for us until at least tuesday of next week. here is live doppler 7 hd you can see how dry the air is this morning. we will take a look at the bay bridge this morning where the lights have been off-and-on all dug the morning and a is success commit is off. it is 47 in san francisco, oakland is 44 and san jose is 41 and cooler around pleasant top at 34 and palo alto at 35 and mill valley is 38. you can see more clouds during the afternoon as the system passes to the north and russia will shabble a few degrees off the temperatures but, still, mild, and partly cloudy with the warmest days still ahead of us, thursday, friday, and saturday. today, not too bad, in santa clara valley with mid-to-upper 60's to 69 in santa cruz and 68 in santa clara, and redwood city and menlo park at 66 and temperatures in the upper 50's
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to near 60 degrees along the coast and daly city at 57, and near 60 in downtown and south san francisco, and the valleys are in the mid-to-upper 50's. sausalito is cooler at 62. our spread on the east bay shore, look at that, 64 to 65 is all the spread we have for temperatures. more of a difference in the valleys with san ramon cooler at 63 and everyone else is 67 or 68. not much of a spread out of san ramon. you can see extra cloud cover and warmer temperatures. mid-to-upper 40's for the rest of us. cold front moving down. another is behind it. but the one that is further back than that, that could bring us the sprinkles and snow on saturday night into sunday. one model's output but well jump on it if it means rain or snow. until then check out thursday, friday, and saturday, the
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warmest days with temperatures back to average sunday, monday, and tuesday. have a great day. sue? >> if you are up and out and traveling on 280 through san jose, it is a very light commute with the headlights snaking from san jose toward cupertino in the north direction of 280 and the overcrossing to show where you are, it is light. back to san francisco, our abc7, amy hollyfield, has been reporting on this water main break in the west portal string at 15th and it is a good idea to avoid this intersection and it is a residential area anyway, but stay on west portal and we do have road work each 580 with traffic slowing in the westbound direction moving up and over the altamont pass. that road work in the eastbound direction if lanes until 11:00 this morning. kristen and eric? >> 5:20. >> hertz is accused of over charging and a gold auction, a local teacher cashes in on an
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>> welcome back, bidders have paid $3.5 million for parts of a secret gold stash that a marin county substitute teacher inherited from a reclusive relative. the 69-year-old die the in his hoax last summer and crews discovered thousands of gold coins.
5:22 am
a search determined that a local woman was the soul heir and it is worth $7.5 million. the county just sold part of it yesterday to pay estate taxes and other fees. she will keep the rest. >> the largest brewer is accused of water down the beer. jane king. >> anheuser accused of watering down bud, and overstating alcohol con didn't and routinely adding extra water saying the alcohol consent in the beer is mislabeled. a company vice president calls the claim completely false. accusations say hertz has been over charging alleging they have been giving customers discounts but taxing them on the full price. who gets hurt when federal, state, and local governments cut jobs? the a falls usually on women and
5:23 am
government cuts last year hit five times as men women and 8,000 in government lost work compared to 1,000 men a reminder of who could take the hit if the government cuts take affect. >> on this when, happy ump -- happy hump day. >> we could see increase? clouds but eureka will have some rain possiblies no snow for tahoe, at 58 percent of average. yosemite is 54 today and increasing clouds and southern california, sunshine, a few high clouds, and low-to-mid 70's, like spring there. have a good day. travel safely. sue? >> we go to the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights or delays moving westbound to san francisco, and a light flow of
5:24 am
traffic, with no problems on the incline and all the way into the city. now, in san francisco, we have word of an accident or a stall partly blocking the lane, southbound 280, road work south 280 for highway 1 a stall southbound 101 at 280 in addition to the road work which can picked up in the next 30 minutes. this is the alternate to 580, this could be slow traffic with the tow truck but otherwise 580 is moving nicely until you hit the altamont pass and then it is slow-and-go into livermore. >> an australian billionaire has begun construction of a copy of the titanic releasing this animation of the ship with modern amenities but otherwise it will is a fateful reconstruction much the billionaire says 40,000 people is signed up and 16 have officed to pay up to $750,000 for a
5:25 am
cabin on the maiden. the original hid an iceburg on the made were voyage in the atlantic in 1912 and sank four hours later. the new vessel is set to launch in 2016. >> santa cruz is in moring after the shooting deaths of two officers. what we are learning of the shootout, the fallen officers and the gunman. >> we have breaking news from san francisco, a neighborhood that is flooded and a massive
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, on wednesday morning, our time is 5:29. thanks for waking up early and joining us. >> the weather is different, depending on where you are. >> absolutely.
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could use two microclimates. good morning, everyone. live doppler 7 hd shows it is dry this morning with democrats inland that are reaching 32 degrees but because the air is so dry frost is having a hard time forming and santa rosa at 34 in novato and 39 in concord and fremont, and 41 in san jose, and hayward and oakland and san carlos and 48 in downtown san francisco. as we head to the afternoon, more clouds, still sunshine and mild temperatures, low-to-upper 60's and mid-to-upper 60's inland and mid-60's around the coast. >> crowded on the east shore freeway from richmond to berkeley, past university avenue, it is more crowd but moving nicely moving to the macarthur maze. elsewhere, we have this eastbound 580 at greenville, road work until 11:00 this morning, three right lanes are blocked eastbound and you are seeing slowing westbound in the
5:29 am
commute direction moving up and over the altamont pass into livermore. and the mass transit, everyone is off and running and on schedule. >> we continue with breaking news from san francisco where a water main has closed off part of a west portal neighborhood, the break has, anyway. this is near the scene at 15th avenue the water has mostly drained away but what a muddy mess that remains, right, with a lot of debris in the homes and cars and crews on the scene. a 16" water main broke around 3:00 this morning sending rivers of mud and water down the street into a dozen homes and you can see the vehicles were also impacted. we are told that it is mud and not sewage that is causing a mess in the streets as first feared. heavy equipment will be brought in to dig up the street and water service has not been affected. we will have more in a live report from abc7 news reporter at the scene in the next half hour.
5:30 am
>> this morning, sheriff deputies are patrolling the streets of santa cruz following the murders of two veteran detectives. we have live team coverage of this story starting with abc7 news reporter in santa cruz. cornell? >> a dark day here in the city of santa cruz, a city in mourning after the death of two police officers killed in the line of duty. they came to a home here on north branciforte avenue a suspect opened fire. investigators are still combing every inch of this crime scene. a few minutes ago several cars were removed from the property as detectives continue to look for evidence in this tragedy. detective sergeant baker and his colleague, detective elizabeth butler, lost their lives. it began on tuesday when the officers responded to the home on north branciforte and met with gunfire. the officers were killed and
5:31 am
half an hour later, 35-year-old system goulet was spotted can chased by police. >> a foot chase ensued. gunfire was exchanged between the suspect and a teach of sheriff deputies and santa cruz police officers. the suspect was killed at the scene. >> right now it is a time of connecting and supporting each other and listening and talking and trying to set a tone for the next few days and weeks. >> police chaplains will counsel fellow officers today and throughout the week while a growing memorial of flowers, cards, prayers now adorning the court yard of police headquarters in santa cruz. the officers were well found in the community not only police officers protecting residents and home owners but they were
5:32 am
also friends. that is what more than a few people have told us. investigators are still on the scene. police have scheduled a news conference for 11:30 this morning. hopefully well learn more information about the tragedy then. we are learning about the two officers killed and the gunman's troubled past. we continue our team coverage from the newsroom. >> the santa cruz police department has never in its history lost an officer and now they lost two. sergeant butch baker was with the force for three decades and the santa cruz sentinel reports he was nearing retirement and the police chef says his son is a community services officer with the department. detective elizabeth but her was -- butler was an officer and never left after going to school here because she liked living and working here. >> elizabeth is ten-year veteran
5:33 am
of the santa cruz police department and assigned to investigations and leaves behind her partner, peter, and her two young boys. butch was 28-year veteran of the santa cruz police department. he was a long-time friend of mine, a mentor, and he leave behind a wife, two daughters, and a son. >> the suspected killer is 35-year-old who has a history with police and convicted in several peeping tom cases in portland, oregon in 2008. in one, he was carrying a gun and it went off during a struggle with the woman's boyfriend. he was sentenced to three years probation but sent back to jail after peeping into windows during a visit with his probation officer and, working as a coffee maker in santa cruz and according to the sentinel on friday he broke into a co-workers home and made sexual
5:34 am
advances. his father says his son was a former marine would flew blackhawk helicopters. >> a rally against gun violence was going on in downtown santa cruz as the two officers remain shot and killed. we posted this picture of the rally, organized in the wake of the newtown shootings. people at the rally say the ambulances responding to the officer shootings passed by their event. we have continuing coverage of the police shootings in santa cruz and we will update you on developments during this newscast and on twitter@abc7news bay area. >> in oakland, police are searching for several people following a chase through the city. we followed the police pursuit at 8:30 lat night and the suspects hopped out of the car and took off running but the car was still rolling at police followed with guns drawn. police have not said what led to the chase or if they have suspects. >> new this morning, all is well
5:35 am
after a vallejo city council meeting was taken over by protesters, and the times herald reports 50 demonstrators walked to the city council chamber after the 6:00 meeting started. the council members went to a back room as the demonstrators took over the room and sound system. therapy upset about seven officer-involved shoot function vallejo last year and alleged police brew facility. police and sheriff deputies were able to move the protesters outside and the meeting resumed a short time later. >> huge crowds are file out of st. peter's square two hours after pope benedict wrapped up the final public appearance. you can see the people still there. people are if no rush to leave at the final master class, 50,000 tickets were requested but officials are estimating what up to 200,000 showed up overflowing the square and packing into streets and buildings. it was a triumphant farewell for
5:36 am
pope benedict xvi as the crowds cheered. many carried banners thanking the pope. the appointment he has kept each week to teach the worlds of the catholic faith. he will step down tomorrow as the first pope in nearly 600 years to resign. stay with abc7 and abc news for continuing coverage of farewell to pope benedict. we will go live to rome at 6:00 a.m. and update you on any developments during the news daft and on twitter at abc7 news bay area. >> it could get testy at the apple shareholders annual meeting this morning in cupertino. share prices have fallen sharply from more than $700 a share the 16 commanded last fall. c.e.o. may have to address legal battle that is brewing to distribute more of the $137 billion it holds in cash. a major hedge fund operators wants them to pay more dividends
5:37 am
out. >> now the wednesday forecast. mike? how is the pollen looking? >> a lot of coughing and sneezing going on. time to find whatever it is you use to keep the allergies to a minimum because the tree pollen will be here for a while. this is how much we are below average of where we should, for this time of the year for the rain year which started on july 1. we are from 2" short to 3" short in san francisco and santa rosa. we have an abnormally dry winter but yellow shows we are abnormally dry. if we get in these colors, which are the reds and purples, that with mean we are in a detroit but that is not what is happening yet. we are getting close. now, a look at today, we are near 60 at noon and low-to-mid
5:38 am
60's away from the coast in the afternoon and the next three days are going to be our warmest days with temperatures well above average. >> thanks, mike, we are going to san rafael if the commute takes you out of novato, it is getting busy at the marin ymca but it is moving nicely. southbound 101 in san francisco a 280 a van is blocking a lane of traffic so you could have slowing leaving san francisco. toward antioch, we will look at the drive moving westbound on four, it is slow all the way over and as you head out right now it is moving up and over the altamont pass and highway four westbound, here is the commute and the east shore freeway. >> her defiance sparked the civil rights movement and a special honor bestowed on rosa parks in the capitol this morning. >> the mixed reaction from the
5:39 am
bay area families of a couple of minute missing in peru after word surfaced they may have
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5:41 am
>> single that rose, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area this is abc7 news.
5:42 am
>> welcome back, happening now, police are asking for the public's health in finding a missing mom. the 29-year-old was last seen leaving her house eight days ago. she told family members she was headed to work but police have learned she is unemployed. she is described as 5' 8" weighing 230 pounds with brown eyes. she has brown hair which she usually wears in a bun. if you have seen the missing mom called the hayward police department. >> the families of bay area couple thought missing in peru could southern talk to the pair today. government officials say garrett hand and jamie neal of oakland have been spotted after losing contact with loved ones more than a month ago. yesterday, their families received calls from the peru government and the embassy saying the two were located and the minister of foreign trade and tourism says the couple is on a two day trip near the border with ecuador. >> they are having a nice
5:43 am
experience. they have been in the interior of the country. >> i am exciting. that is awesome. they have been a really big help with everything but i still want to hear my sister's voice. >> the state department is working to confirm the couple has been spotted. today the peru officials hope to reach the pair by plane and bring a satellite phone so they can call their families in california. >> san jose is taking a step to banning styrofoam containers from city restaurant and approved a draft ordinance to slowly phase in the ban next january. the california restaurant association says it would harm small businesses more than it helps the environment. a full vote on the ban coming this summer on styrofoam. >> yesterday in the afternoon for baseball practice it was so night. >> warmer yesterday than today but we will get the temperatures
5:44 am
back tomorrow. if you have practice or anything outside, tomorrow it will be as nice. sunday the cooling trend is on the way and that will lead to a chance of rain in the middle part of next week. so we need to go through that to get to that. notice how dry it is, at 5:46. we will look, here we are from the camera to the embarcardero and bay bridge it is 46 in san francisco and 41 in san mateo and redwood city is 43 and mid-to-upper 30's for palo alto and half moon bay. now as we look at the east bay you can see oakland and berkeley right here, oakland is 44 and walnut creek is 38 and richmond is 41 and 35 at pleasanton and antioch at 44 degrees a warm spot. and the south bay this morning you can see 280 and 17, san jose at 41 and cupertino at 36 and we have mid-to-upper 30's around
5:45 am
gilroy. santa rosa, 32 degrees with frost and possibly petaluma, also, napa at 34 and novato 36 followed by sausalito at 42 degrees. now what will happen today. we will have more cloud cover as the storm systems passed to the not and it will shave a few degrees off the high. partly cloudy, milder tonight, though more freezing temperatures tonight and our warmest days are tomorrow, friday, and saturday. in santa clara valley we are around 66 at cupertino and 68 in loss gets. santa cruz at 69. the peninsula is mid-60's. to the north, we are in the upper 50's along the coast and breezy and near 60's downtown south san francisco and mid-to-upper 60's north bay valley and upper 50's at the beeps and east bay at 64 or 65 degrees. headed into the east bay valley, san ramon at 63 and everyone else around 66 to 68 degrees
5:46 am
with the extra cloud cover upper 30's to low 40's inland and mid-40's to upper 40's around the bay and to the coast. the seven-day outlook shows temperatures are ramping up to the 70's today on friday and saturday and cooler on sunday and monday and a chance of rain on tuesday. >> if the commute takes you from laird to san mateo on the bridge look at the san mateo bridge shot with the flat section, a few brake lights moving to the high-rise and the northeast step -- foster city area at 15 minutes. to san francisco, amy hollyfield has been telling us of the water main break. avoid that intersection so stick with west portal and you will avoid the delays. road work from south 280 to highway one. >> former nba star deputy necessary rodman and three
5:47 am
globetrotters are in north create to run a basketball camp invited by kim jong-un a fan of the 1990's chug -- chicago bulls. >> rodman tweeted this today saying it is true i'm in north korea, looking forward to sitting down with kim jong-un, worm in north korea. it would be something if the threat of nuclear annihilation was averted by-product plan and the gallon -- globetrotters. jimmy kimmel airs weeknights at abc7 following abc7 news at 11 and then "nightline." >> president obama taught members of congress -- president obama's top members of congress will be in washington, dc at the capitol when a monument of rosa parks is unveiled, the first full sized capitol of an
5:48 am
african-american woman inside the capitol. she launched the civil rights movement when she refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white passenger in 1955 in alabama. >> listen up, the slump in the afternoon could not be due to a lack of caffeine but what is hanging over our head. >> you will find out just ahead. >> an air rage, what set off a traveler at an overseas airport. >> coming up 6:00, the supreme court is just weeks away from hearing arguments on california's ban on same-sex marriage. ahead, the bay area businesses hoping to influence the high
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>> breaking news from sacramento where police are investigating the death of a of nine-year-old boy whose body was found in a community between the airport and the arena, sacramento police say they received two 9-1-1 calls from a home around midnight when they arrived they found the boy, dead. it appears he suffered some sort of blunt force trauma to the head. the victim moves father philip hernandez is under arrest. the 36-year-old was found walking in a nearby neighborhood. >> formal unveiling of a statue and our media partner "san jose
5:52 am
mercury news" reports that a former supervisor is donating a monument after they lost six children to violence since 1994. she wants to give parents and others a place to go remember those children. >> a trip to the airport can be nerve wracking for all of us but a government official in china took it to a new level. the freak out on youtube, a top level government official and family in china missed the flight not once but twice when the flight crew would not let them board, the official smash computer equipment and tried to bash in a gate door. he was arrested. he has apologized but police are still considering charges. got to wonder if he will get to keep his post. >> you do have to wonder about that. >> now the weather forecast. what are you wondering about? >> if this is any reason to get worked up today. >> here is san jose this
5:53 am
morning, you can see clear sky over san jose and the temperatures today will be just a little bit cooler than yesterday by two degrees and that is the trend with the extra cloud cover at one to four degrees cooler. we are looking at live doppler 7 hd and the surrounding radar covering the state and you can see a spring el near eureka and the increasing clouds. mid-60's at chico to 70 in fresno and 49 at tahoe. safe travels. sue? >> we have issues on the roadways but so far nothing major for you as you make your way the door this morning. altamont pass road at dire, this is off the main path of 580 but the truck is east embankment and 580 is very, very slow over the pass with speeds of less than 20 miles per hour moving into the dublin/pleasanton area. elsewhere, we have mass transit except for ace train 1 running ten minutes late, and ace train
5:54 am
number 3 is run on time and no other mass transit delays. kristen and eric? >> in new zealand this morning a swimmer is dead after being attacked by a shark at a popular tourist beach near the capital. police is not specified what type of shock it -- shark it was but it is believed to be 14' long and a rescue helicopter distracted the shark but it was too late. family members say an veilian filmmaker was killed in the attack, an up and coming director a finalist at the cannes awards. >> park officials at yosemite want to get a face lift and stop tram rides through the giant trees and get rid of a parking lot and improving hiking trails through the area and restoring a wetland area. the proposal is aimed at grabbing the habitat for the
5:55 am
trees. you can find a link on our website at >> this is for those sleepy people. wonder why you are so tired at work? researchers found it has increasing to do with the florescent lights that can zap your energy and make you sleepy. natural light on the other hands keeps you alert. this suggests that offices should ditch the flour resolution -- flores sent lights. and when it is cold you make more mistake because you are trying to stay warm. >> we do not have that type of lighting in our studio. we are lucky. >> i don't need those lights to zap my energy. next at 6:00, breaking news, a muddy mess in san francisco neighborhood. what is behind this huge headache and the cleanup effort underway. and developing news from santa cruz, two police officers are shot and killed in the line of
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
: >> live breaking news from abc7 news. >> thanks for joining us. >> we start with break news from san francisco. >> a massive clean up is underway after an overnight water main break. >> amy hollyfield joins us live with a look at incredible video. >> the problem right now is mud. there is a big truck that now is pulling out, they have been vacuuming out, sucking the mud out. firefighters are going in to people's homes making sure there is not a gas problem that the water did not knock out a pilot life and now gas is flooding in the home. mud is the issue. but look at this video, a new problem that just happened here,
5:59 am
a giant sink hole has opened up on 15th avenue down from this area. firefighters say it looks worse than it is. officials say they were going to have to dig up the street anyway. so this is not causing them more stress than they already have. but it looks like a terrible mess. look what caused this, a massive flooding at 3:00 this morning and it caused all kinds of problems including the weekend streets and sidewalks that are buckling and giving way. the water flooded about a dozen homes according to the water department but the red cross is going house-to-house to determine 22 homes have some kind of damage. there are several cars that were flooded, and covered in mud, and all because of a 16" water main. the dirt was pushed up and soaked so there is mud even in people's homes. >> looked out the front window and
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